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Remarks by Chinese Ambsassdor Zhang Qiyue on Greece's Exit from Third Bailout Program


On the same day with the visit of Ambassador Zhang Qiyue's visit to Piraeus Port , Greece officially exited its third bailout program. On the occasion, Ambassador Zhang commented that this day was a historic day for Greece. China is pleased to see that the Greek government and the Greek people defying all odds and challenges, gradually leaving behind the debt crisis and exiting the bailout plan, thus entering a new stage for economic recovery and development. China firmly believes that through the joint efforts of the Greek government, Greek people from all walks of life and the society as a whole, the Greek economy will improve further, and the country's development will bring forward new achievements.

China and Greece are good friends and partners. In the past, China and Greece have worked closely together, cooperating to overcome difficulties, making our friendly relations getting ever closer. At present, China-Greek ties enjoy new opportunities, while prospects for China-Greek cooperation are becoming increasingly broader.

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