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Ambassador Zhang Qiyue Visited the Piraeus Port project


On August 20, Ms. Zhang Qiyue, the new Chinese Ambassador to Greece, visited the Piraeus Port project, and met with CEO of PPA SA Fu Chengqiu and the management team from the Chinese and Greek side.

Ambassador Zhang said that the Port of Piraeus was the flagship project of China-Greek cooperation. In recent years, through the joint efforts of the project's Greek and Chinese  team, the Port of Piraeus has flourished with each passing day, bringing great economic and social benefits, strongly promoting the economic development and employment in Greece, and generating tangible benefits for the Greek people. Under new circumstances, it is hoped that the team will continue to work hard to overcome any difficulties, and make new achievements to contribute more towards the promotion of China-Greek cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road initiative, as well as the development of China-Greek relations in the new era.

CEO Fu Chengqiu briefed the Ambassador about the management and operational situation of the Piraeus project, indicating that it has important growth opportunities. In the next stage, while vigorously developing its container operations, the port will gradually expand into other sectors while promoting the steady development of the company. At the same time, the company will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities, seek closer ties with the Greek community so as to breath new vitality to the Piraeus project.

During her visit, Ambassador Zhang Qiyue interacted with the project's Greek and Chinese management team, encouraging them to work closely on the ongoing of the Piraeus project.


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