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Women's group of the Chinese Embassy participates in Christmas charity bazaar.
On the 26 and 27 of November 2017, Chinese Embassy Counsellor and spouse of the Chinese Ambassador, Ms. Ning Yi, together with a group of women of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China took part in the 18th International Christmas Bazaar organized by the Charity Association "Friends of the Child."
A number of teams from different embassies in Greece set up booths and exhibited a dazzling array of products, creating a lively atmosphere and attracting crowds of visitors. The Chinese Embassy's stand was beautifully decorated with red Chinese knots and lanterns, adding to the festive atmosphere. Chinese tea, baijiu (a popular Chinese alcoholic beverage), clay figurines, kites, red lanterns, as well as handcrafted Chinese knots and bracelets made by the women of the Embassy, and other unique Chinese-style products such as scarves and jewelry, were very popular amongst visitors, quickly becoming sold-out. The Embassy's chef had also prepared fried noodles, sautéed shrimps, fried rice, and other delicious Chinese dishes that made the visitors' mouths water. The women's group also performed a Tibetan dance that was well received. Together with other members of the Embassy and with great enthusiasm, the women introduced the people to various aspects of Chinese culture, and explained the stories behind each product. Through this lively exchange of wishes and greetings, they contributed to the strengthening of mutual understanding between the two peoples.
The President of the Charity Association "Friends of the Child," Ms. Gianna Panagiotidou thanked Counsellor Ning and the Chinese Embassy for their strong support, and asked the children to say 'thank you' and send their good wishes to them. This year, 42 embassies and consulates took part in the bazaar. All receipts will be donated to local groups of children in need, so as to improve their living conditions and support their educational needs.
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