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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli meets with Greek Minister of Education, Research and Religion
On January 22, 2018 Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met with the Greek Minister of Education, Research and Religion, Mr. Kostas Gavroglou and exchanged views on the existing bilateral cooperation and exchanges in the fields of higher education, scientific research, and innovation.
Ambassador Zou said that both China and Greece are lately reaping the fruits of their cooperation and exchanges in various areas such as politics, economy, trade, and culture, while further steps have been taken to strengthen and deepen the Sino-Greek comprehensive strategic partnership. Exchanges in higher education, scientific research, and innovation need to follow the above-mentioned developments, while providing the necessary support and placing human capital in the service of the development of bilateral relations. 
Ambassador Zou followed-up by making three suggestions; first, to strengthen the ties between the competent government departments in the two countries so as to provide much-needed guidance in shaping opportunities for future practical cooperation; second, to encourage universities and research institutes in both countries to engage in extensive exchanges and enhance their mutual understanding; finally, to focus on fostering linguistic proficiency, and train qualified professionals possessing solid cross-cultural understanding, and good knowledge of the two countries' national conditions.
Minister Gavroglou agreed with the Ambassador's proposals, pointing out that the Greek government is pushing a reform of the educational system that will provide more opportunities for Greece and China to further expand their exchanges and cooperation in the fields of education and scientific research. He also emphasized that Greece is willing to take concrete steps to attract more Chinese students, and to cultivate partnerships between Greek and Chinese Universities and research institutions in various disciplines, such as history, philosophy, archeology, medicine, maritime shipping etc.
The Greek Ministry of Education will strengthen the coordination of educational and scientific exchange activities with China, while working closely with the competent Chinese authorities to achieve steady and positive progress, paving the way for even greater accomplishments.
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