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Chinese Embassy Counsellor Ning Yi visits the Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Science and Technology
On November 15, 20 members of the Women's International Club of Athens together with the Chinese Embassy Counsellor and wife of the Chinese Ambassador Ms. Ning Yi visited an exhibition of Ancient Chinese Science and Technology. This exhibition is the result of the collaboration between the Herakleidon Museum and the China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) of Beijing, aiming to present to the Greek public more than 90 exhibits from across the scientific spectrum, such as astronomy, maritime navigation, papermaking, printing, weaving, as well as models of ancient machines, traditional handicraft works etc. The President of Greece Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos has also visited this exhibition.
The members of the club gathered at the exhibition hall and attentively listened to the tour guide while they spent time to admire each and every exhibit. They all marveled at the fine textile machinery, and the colorful and beautifully crafted brocade handicrafts. The evolution of the Chinese characters and movable type typography machine intrigued visitors, while Ms. Ning offered to answer many of their questions. Seismographs, armillary spheres, sundials, and other astronomical and maritime navigation instruments vividly showcased the achievements of ancient Chinese science and technology with visitors expressing their admiration for the wisdom of the ancient Chinese people. The visit culminated in a live interactive demonstration of papermaking carried out by the museum's Greek staff who were taught this technique by Chinese experts; this demonstration was received with warm applause. Finally, visitors witnessed woodblock printing and rubbing, and each received a commemorative inscription printed on a piece of paper produced in the museum using an ancient Chinese papermaking technique. Everyone held up this unique memento to take a joyful group photo.
Ms. Kouloukakos, President of the Women's International Club of Athens, said that everyone spoke highly of the visit that helped them deepen their understanding of the ancient Chinese scientific and technological achievements. She also underlined that at this phase of rapid growth of Sino-Greek cooperation, it is crucial to promote understanding and friendship between the two peoples.
Throughout the Year of Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation of Creative Industries between China and Greece, the Women's International Club of Athens took an active part in the various events organized. Finally, she thanked once again Counsellor Ning Yi for her help in organizing this visit.
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