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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli meets with Piraeus Bank Executives
On November 16, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met with Christos Megalou, CEO of Piraeus Bank, and Sofia Staikou, Chairman of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, at the premises of the Chinese Embassy.
Ambassador Zou said that, following the exemplary project of COSCO Shipping in Piraeus Port, more and more Chinese enterprises are coming to Greece to examine existing investment opportunities. He also expressed his hope that financial institutions from both countries will seize the opportunity to explore more effective ways of cooperation, so as to provide further support to Sino-Greek economic, trade, and investment cooperation.
Mr. Megalou stressed that the future of Sino-Greek cooperation is broad and full of prospects. As the largest commercial bank in Greece, Piraeus Bank is looking forward to discussing more concrete cooperation plans.
Ms. Staikou shared her experiences from the 18th Silk Expo 2017 in Hangzhou, and said that the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation has already helped the Greek Silk Museum to establish contacts with the Chinese Silk Museum, promoting the Cultural Foundation's active participation in various cultural exchanges in the context of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative.
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