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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli visits the Municipality of Megara

Following an invitation by the Mayor of Megara Grigorios Stamoulis and his spouse, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli and his spouse paid a friendly visit to the city Megara. There, they met with Mr. Stamoulis and other senior officials of the local government; visited the city's olive oil processing company; and took a guided tour of the Archaeological Museum of Megara. The two sides exchanged views on further promoting bilateral economic and cultural exchanges on the level of local governments. The Embassy's Political Advisor, Mr. Gao Wenqi also took part in the above activities.

Ambassador Zou said that Mr. Stamoulis, together with the mayors of the municipalities surrounding the Port of Piraeus have made a positive contribution to the realization of COSCO's Piraeus Port project. He also stressed that thanks to its geographical position, rich history and culture, as well as its robust agricultural processing industry, the Municipality of Megara can play a more active role in the economic, commercial, and cultural exchanges between China and Greece. The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Greece is willing to provide any necessary support and assistance to this end.

Mayor Stamoulis offered a vivid account of the region's long history, its culture and economy, and expressed the hope that China will further increase its imports of high-quality agricultural produce, while strengthening its cultural and tourism cooperation with Megara.

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