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The Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets with the Mayor of Delphi


On March 14, China's Ambassador to Greece, Mr. Zou Xiaoli, met at the Embassy with the Mayor of Delphi, Mr. Athanasios Panagiotopoulos.

Ambassador Zou briefed the Mayor on important upcoming bilateral events, such as the China-Greece Cultural Exchange and Cultural Industry Cooperation Year, the Second Chinese-Hellenic Cities Forum a.o. He said that Delphi is a celebrated historical city of Greece boasting a rich cultural heritage and extensive touristic resources. The Ambassador expressed the hope that the city of Delphi can fully utilize its unique advantages to expand exchanges and broaden cooperation with the Chinese side. The Chinese Embassy in Greece would like to provide its assistance and support.

Mr. Panagiotopoulos provided to the Ambassador information on the municipality of Delphi. He said his city is willing to actively participate in the Cultural Year, the Cities Forum and other events in order to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Chinese side in the fields of the economy, tourism, culture, education, among else.

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