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Chinese Ambassador Mr. Zou Xiaoli Meets with the Mayor of Piraeus



On March 1, Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met with Mr. Ioannis Moralis, Mayor of the Municipality of Piraeus.

Ambassador Zou said that following the successful completion of COSCO's Piraeus Project, the port has become popular in China as Greece's calling card, and the symbol of Chinese investment in the country. Piraeus is not simply a port city; it is also an age-old town with a rich cultural heritage and is important to tourism. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the commencement of diplomatic relations between China and Greece, in addition to being designated the Year of Cultural Exchanges and Cultural Industry Cooperation between the two countries. China will be the Honored Country at this year's TIF, and the Second Chinese-Greek Cities Forum will be convened in China. Mr. Zou said he hopes that Piraeus can make the most of the opportunities and exploit its unique advantages to expand, utilizing the various channels for exchange and cooperation with Chinese side in trade, culture, tourism, infrastructure construction and other sectors.

Mayor Moralis briefed the Ambassador on the development plan of the city of Piraeus, and its exchanges with the Chinese side. He expressed his readiness to strengthen communication and coordination with Chinese side to create a favorable environment to attract more Chinese investments to his city. The Municipality of Piraeus will actively participate in the Cultural Year, the Cities Form and other events, contributing to the friendship and cooperation between our two countries and peoples.

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