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Chinese Ambassador Visits COSCO Shipping Piraeus Port Ltd.

On February 21, Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli visited the COSCO Shipping Piraeus Port Ltd. where he was warmly received by President Fu Chengqiu of the company.


Ambassador said that since the takeover of PPA by COSCO Shipping last August, the operation and management of the port has realized steady transition, with satisfactory performance and sound public opinion. The pulling effect of the COSCO Piraeus project on other Chinese investment has begun to emerge. Over the past few months, some big Chinese companies have followed one another to Greece to study investment opportunities in the fields of transportation infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, and finance. They hope to take Greece as a platform to explore markets of Southeast Europe, the Balkans, West Asia and North Africa. China-Greece investment cooperation enjoys broad prospects. Ambassador Zou stressed that the instruction of President Xi Jinping to build the Port of Piraeus into an important supporting point for "Belt and Road"cooperation has pointed the direction for the COSCO Piraeus project. He hoped that COSCO Shipping Piraeus Port Ltd. would strengthen communication and cooperation with the Greek side, stick to scientific operation and management, score new progress and make bigger contribution to mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Greece and to the development of "Belt and Road". The Ambassador expressed firm and consistent support of the Embassy for the company.


President Fu briefed the ambassador on the management and operation of PPA after the takeover. He said that in addition to the vigorous development of the container sector, his company would also expand investment and businesses in ship-building and repair, international cruise ships, and car terminals this year.  He promised that the company would earnestly honour the Concession Agreement, abide by local laws and regulations, protect the environment, enhance ties with local communities, and bring a brand new look to the Piraeus Port.

During the visit, Ambassador Zou had warm interactions with the Chinese management and local staff of the company, encouraging them to make joint efforts to build the "beautiful Port of Piraeus" as a big family.

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