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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets Chengdu Delegation

On January 17, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met at the Embassy the delegation of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal People's Government, led by Director General Lu Sheng.

Ambassador Zou briefed the delegation of the current situation in Greece and the China-Greece relations. He said that the COSCO Piraeus Project has become an important supporting point in the "Belt and Road" construction, and under the driving power of this "dragon head", both the economic and cultural ties between China and Greece has been more and more closer. As this year marks the China-Greece Cultural Exchange and Cultural Industry Cooperation Year, and the 2nd Chinese-Hellenic Cities Forum will be convened in China, the two sides are strengthening communication and coordination at tapping potentials of local governments and non-governmental entities of both countries, in order to build a series of flagship projects to enhance synchronous moving of the two wheels of economy and culture. Ambassador Zou hoped that Chengdu Municipality can give full play to its advantages in participating China-Greece friendly cooperation.

As for his part, Director-General Lu briefed of the signing of friendly exchanges and cooperation agreement between Chengdu and  Patra Municipality of Greece. He said that Chengdu is willing to expand cooperation with the Greek side in the fields such as economy, culture,and education, and actively participate in the China-Greece Cultural Year, so as to make contributions to the bilateral relations.

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