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Women's Group of the Chinese Embassy in Greece visited the National Archaeological Museum of Athens

On December 5, Women's Group of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, headed by Counsellor Ning Yi, Wife of Ambassador, visited the National Archaeological Museum of Athens at its collections of Prehistoric, Sculpture, Bronze, Vases and Minor Arts, as well as the temporary exhibition "Odysseys" in commemoration of the 150 anniversary since its foundation. Also viewed was the Chinese valuable antiquity "Hu" with Coiled Dragon Design on loan from Beijing Palace Museum. On behalf of Director Maria Lagogianni, Dr. Kostas Nikolentzos and Mrs. Manteli Katya, Department Head and archaeologist of the Museum, welcomed the Women's Group and accompanied them for a guided tour.


Through the guide interpretation, the women visitors learned interesting stories embedded in the collections and formed deeper understanding of the ancient Greek civilization. They were most impressed by the temporary exhibition "Odysseys" with its theme being "Journey". All collections being displayed on stands forming a huge ship model, together with roaring waves created by special video effects, give an account of the adventurous journey of man through time considered from an abstract and symbolic perspective that draws its inspiration from the Homeric Odyssey.


The women visitors were excited and proud to see that the Chinese national treasure "Hu" with Coiled Dragon Design, a bronze vine vessel during the Chinese Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) of the Zhou Dynasty, was exhibited in the prominent Greek museum and viewed by foreign and local visitors. Dr. Nikolentzos thanked Beijing Palace Museum for having loaned the antiquity to them, and then he gave a detailed interpretation to this "Hu".


Counsellor Ning Yi thanked the Museum for their thoughtful arrangement and knowledgeable interpretation, saying that the National Archaeological Museum is an important place to learn ancient Greek civilization and culture. Under close cooperation of the NAM, the China-Europe Civilization Dialogue was successfully convened here on Oct 3, attended and addressed by Mr. Liu Yunshan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. It is fair to say that the NAM has made positive contributions to the civilization exchanges between China and Greece, and Europe at large. The NAM is welcome to actively participate in the 2017 China-Greece Cultural Exchange and Cultural Industry Cooperation Year, making its consistent effort in enhancing friendship and understanding between the two peoples of China and Greece.

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