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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets with Greece Copelouzos Group Delegation


On November the 29th, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met with CEO of Greece Copelouzos Group Mr. Dimitrios Ch. Copelouzos and his delegation.  

Mr. Copelouzos briefed the Ambassador on the business of his group and said that now it is good time to invest in Greece. He showed his great willingness for cooperation with Chinese enterprises in Energy, Airport, Rolling stock and other sectors.

Ambassador Zou briefed Mr. Copelouzos and his delegation on the recent developments in China-Greece economic and commercial cooperation, emphasizing that, since there is huge potential in this area, both sides should seize the opportunity and enhance mutual communication and understanding, so as to achieve even better mutual beneficial cooperation. 

Mr. Copelouzos has also expressed his keen interest in Chinese culture, his admiration in his own private collection of Chinese modern art and his hope to contribute to the China-Greece cultural exchanges, to which Ambassador Zou showed his appreciation.

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