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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets with China Shenhua Group Delegation

On November the 24th, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met with President and CEO of China Shenhua Group Dr. Ling Wen and his delegation.

Ambassador Zou briefed the delegation on the recent Greek political and economic situation and China-Greece relations, emphasizing the vision of bilateral pragmatic cooperation in the energy sector. Ambassador Zou pointed out that, the proposal of the Greek government to make Greece the energy hub in the East Mediterranean in the near future has brought a valuable opportunity for the China-Greece bilateral energy cooperation. Enterprises from both sides should enhance their communication and mutual understanding, and explore the effective methods and approaches to promote mutual beneficial cooperation. The Chinese Embassy in Hellenic Republic would be glad to provide necessary assistance.

Dr. Ling briefed the business and international development of China Shenhua Group, showed his willingness to understand the Greek energy market more deeply and promote the cooperation with Greek enterprises in coal power plants and other sectors, contributing that way to bilateral energy cooperation.

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