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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Congratulates the Successful Holding of the first Chinese-Hellenic Cities Forum


On the evening of November 12, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met in his residence with the Mayor of the Marathon and President of the Amphyctiony of Ancient Greek Cities Ilias Psinakis, and Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) Song Jingwu, and extended his congratulations to the successful holding of the first Chinese-Hellenic Cities Forum.

It was agreed that this forum has enhanced the mutual understanding between the local governments, enterprises and cultural institutions of the two countries and laid a good foundation for the two sides to expand cooperation. Ambassador Zou said that the Chinese Embassy in Greece will maintain contact with CPAFFC and the Amphyctiony of Ancient Greek Cities to help the implementation of the outcomes of the Forum. Ambassador Zou also exchanged views with Vice President Song and Mayor Psinakis on the second Forum in China next year.

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