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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli meets with the delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Transport

On October 26, 2016, Chinese Ambassador Mr. Zou Xiaoli met with the delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Transport headed by Deputy Minister Mr. He Jianzhong.

Ambassador Zou briefed the delegation on the current situation in Greece and the latest China-Greece relationship. He pointed out that the successful running of the COSCO Piraeus Port Project has brought the widespread and positive effects. The Chinese Embassy will continue to offer its help to Chinese enterprises to take advantage of opportunities, improve cooperation and exchange in the fields of cruise, shipping technology, marine regulation as well as qualified personnel.

Deputy Minister He stated that the Chinese Ministry of Transport has had good long-term cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, and this visit will further promote the cooperation in these fields, achieving a win-win situation. He believes that the COSCO Piraeus Port Project, with support and efforts from both sides, will continuously achieve new successes.

Economic and Commercial Counselor Zhou Ruojun was present at the meeting.

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