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Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli gives an exclusive interview to Beijing TV Station

On October 14, Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli gave an exclusive interview to Beijing TV Station on the topics of COSCO Piraeus Port Project, its significance in "One Belt One Road" initiative, and China-Greece maritime cooperation, etc.

Ambassador Zou pointed out that through the conduct of COSCO Piraeus Port Project, the COSCO SHIPPING has gained solid foundation for further development, and Greece has seen its status and influence elevated in the region especially in the East-Mediterranean region. At the same time, the Project greatly contributed to wider cooperation prospects in all fields between China and Greece, their closer bilateral relations and more intimate friendship between our two peoples. Ambassador Zou said that the Project success well demonstrated the concept of "work together for common development like passengers in the same boat" that the Chinese Government put forward when the global financial crisis first broke out. It's fully proved that the process of combating the crisis can be transformed to that of win-win cooperation. Ambassador Zou stressed that as President Xi Jinping has said, both sides of China and Greece should work together to forge the Piraeus Port to an important supporting point in "One Belt One Road" plan. In the current context of "One Belt One Road" extending west, the COSCO Piraeus Port Project will play a more active role in this aspect.

Ambassador Zou thanked Beijing TV Station for coming to Greece for interviews and reports. He expressed hopes that media can play its positive role in covering China-Greece cooperation in all fields and make contributions to the bilateral relations and our two peoples' friendship.

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