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Greek President Pavlopoulos Met with Chairman of China COSCO Shipping Corporation

On April 9, President Prokopis Pavlopoulos of the Hellenic Republic met at the Presidential Palace with Mr. Xu Lirong, Chairman of China COSCO Shipping Corporation. Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli, Mr. Yennimatas, Secretary-General of the Presidential Palace, and Ms. Koika, Director of the Diplomatic Cabinet of the President, were present at the meeting.

President Pavlopoulos pointed out that as China's biggest investment project in Greece, the Piraeus Port project is of great economic and political significance. Greece hopes to attract more Chinese investment led by the Piraeus Port project and to carry out bilateral cultural and educational cooperation to comprehensively upgrade bilateral relations. President Pavlopoulos said that Greece values its friendship and cooperation with China and is ready to play a positive role for promoting EU-China relations. He wished China greater achievement in its modernization efforts.

Mr. Xu thanked President Pavlopoulos for his support for the Piraeus Port project and took it as a rare honour for a Chinese businessman to be received by the President of the Hellenic Republic. Xu gave a briefing on COSCO Shipping's future investment plans and expressed the confidence to build the Port of Piraeus into one of the largest ports in Europe while ensuring it is a green, environmentally-friendly and beautiful port.

Ambassador Zou said that the meeting of President Pavlopoulos with the Chairman of China COSCO Shipping Corporation demonstrated the friendly feelings of H.E. President towards the Chinese people and his support for China-Greece cooperation. Zou expressed sincere gratitude of the Chinese side to all the major political parties and people of all walks of life that support the development of China-Greece relations and the Piraeus Port project. He believed that the project would bring benefit to peoples of the two countries and promote greater progress in bilateral relations.

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