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Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Attends the Signing Ceremony of the Agreements on the Transfer of the Majority Stake of PPA between China COSCO Shipping Corporation and Taiped

On April 8, the signing ceremony of the agreements on the transfer of majority stake of PPA was held at the Maximos Mansion. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Government Vice-President Dragasakis, Economic Minister Stathakis, Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Dritsas, Government Spokesperson Gerovasili, Taiped Chairman Pitsolas, as well as Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli and COSCO Shipping Chairman Xu Lirong attended the ceremony.


Mr. Feng Jinhua, CFO of COSCO Hong Kong and Taiped Chairman Pitsolas signed and exchanged the documents. Warm applause erupted at the event. Prime Minister Tsipras took photos with representatives of the two parties signing the agreement. ERT, Greek national TV station, gave live coverage of the event.

The documents signed included the Share-purchase Agreement on the Majority Stake of PPA and the Shareholder Agreement. According to the agreements, China COSCO Shipping Corporation will acquire 67% majority stake of PPA and will operate and manage the Port of Piraeus as the biggest shareholder.

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