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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets with Officials of the Hellenic Cultural Ministry

On March 3, Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met in his residence with Ms. Dalamanga, advisor to the Minister of Culture of the Hellenic Republic, and Ms. Simosi, president of the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of Greece. The two sides exchanged views on further promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Greece.

Ambassador Zou briefed the guests on recent cultural exchanges between the two countries. He pointed out that both China and Greece are ancient civilizations and enjoy extensive potential for cultural exchanges and cooperation, which is of great significance. The Chinese side is ready to work with Greece to formulate prioritized plans for the implementation of relevant projects. Priorities could be given to the set-up of the Chinese Cultural Center in Athens and cooperation in underwater archaeology, which have already had solid foundations laid.

The Greek side expressed active support for enhancing cultural exchanges and cooperation. The Archaeological community of Greece has strong interest in cooperation with their Chinese counterparts, with the hope that the two sides could send experts to each other at an early date, increase mutual understanding and discuss specific ways of cooperation.


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