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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Met with Member of the PB of the CC of the KKE

On March 3, Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met in the Embassy with Mr. Arvanitakis, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE. The two sides exchanged views on issues of shared interest such as promoting the development of China-Greece relations, facilitating bilateral trade cooperation, and deepening party exchanges between the CPC and the KKE.

Ambassador Zou pointed out that the deepening of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries and expanding practical cooperation in various areas cannot be realized without the support and assistance of the political parties and various communities of Greece. The KKE holds friendly feelings towards the Chinese people and has important influence among the Greek people. The Chinese Embassy stands ready to enhance communication with the KKE, increase mutual understanding and trust, and carry out exchanges and cooperation through various channels and means to bring benefit to peoples of the two countries.

On his part, Mr. Arvanitakis said that the KKE supports the development of Greece-China relations. It is ready to continuously deepen exchanges and cooperation with the CPC, play a positive role in the Greek society and make contribution to expanding mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.


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