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Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Met with First Deputy Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament

On March 1, Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met in the Hellenic Parliament with Mr. Kourakis, first deputy speaker and chairman of the Greece-China Friendship Group of the Hellenic Parliament. The two sides had a friendly and in-depth exchange of views on China-Greece relations, and practical cooperation in various areas.

Ambassador Zou congratulated on the establishment of the Greece-China Friendship Group in the Hellenic Parliament. He said that the fact that Mr. Kourakis chose to serve as the chairman of the Group demonstrates the great attention of the Hellenic Parliament to the development of China-Greece relations and his personal friendly feelings towards China. Currently, the development of China-Greece relations enjoys a strong momentum. The two sides enjoy tremendous potential in cooperation in various areas such as trade, the sea, culture, education and tourism. Ambassador Zou expressed the hope that the Greece-China Friendship Group plays an important role to continuously deepen mutual understanding between people of the two countries and facilitate greater progress in practical cooperation between the two countries.

Deputy Speaker Kourakis briefed Ambassador Zou on the newly-established Greece-China Friendship Group. He pointed out that the Hellenic Parliament attaches great importance to relations with China and all the political parties of Greece support expanding friendly and practical cooperation with China. He expressed the willingness of the Greece-China Friendship Group to maintain close coordination with China to push the comprehensive and strategic partnership between Greece and China to a new height.

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