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Political Councilor Xiao Yewen Attended Donation Delivery Ceremony

On October 14, Mr. Xiao Yewen, political councilor of the Chinese Embassy, attended the ceremony for the delivery of humanitarian materials donated by 8 Chinese community groups including the Joint Association of Chinese Communities in Greece and Joint Women’s Association of Chinese Communities in Greece to the Department of Migrant Policies of the Ministry of Interior.

The materials include clothes, blankets, shoes, medicine, tents and food worth of 250,000 euros, which is to help the Greek government in settling and providing relief to refugees from Syria and other countries.

While receiving an interview by a team of journalists covering “The Belt and Road”, Mr. Xiao said that since the surge of Syrian refugees in Greece this year, Chinese communities in Greece have provided humanitarian assistance of various forms. He pointed out that their goodwill gestures had not only demonstrated the fine quality of the Chinese nation in providing assistance to those in need, but also reflected the will of overseas Chinese to integrate into and give back to local communities.

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