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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets with Prime Minister of the Greek Caretaker Government

On September 16, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met with Prime Minister Vassiliki Thanou of the Greek caretaker government. The two sides conducted friendly and fruitful discussions.

Ambassador Zou spoke highly of Prime Minister Thanou and the caretaker government for attaching great importance to China-Greece relations and for actively promoting bilateral cooperation. Ambassador Zou said that he hoped the elections on September 20 would be held smoothly, which would usher in political stability and favourable conditions for expanded cooperation between China and Greece. He said that China regards Greece as an important strategic partner, and expressed the wish of the Chines side to work with the Greek side to deal with challenges, realize joint revitalization, and promote continuous progress in China-Greece comprehensive strategic partnership.

Prime Minister Thanou said that Greece and China are countries with traditional friendship and that Greece attaches high importance to relations with China. Despite the short tenure of the caretaker government, it will do the utmost for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.

Prime Minister Thanou expressed appreciation of the donation by Chinese communities and companies in Greece to help settle Middle East refugees, which reflected the friendship of the Chinese side towards Greece and proved once again that Greece and China are good friends who can trust each other.

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