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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets with Alternate Minister of the Ministry of Interior the of the Greek Caretaker Government

On September 21, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met with Alternate Minister Mouzalas of the Ministry of Interior-Administration and Reconstruction of the Greek caretaker government.

Minister Mouzalas expressed sincere gratitude to the Chinese community and companies in Greece for taking immediate actions to donate materials to help Greece deal with the crisis of refugees from the Middle East. He spoke highly of the Chinese community in Greece for integrating into the local communities and for making positive contribution to social stability and development in Greece.

Ambassador Zou said that China would never forget the valuable support from Greece to help China evacuate Chinese citizens from war-torn regions for four times. He also pointed out that Chinese communities in Greece have received help from local governments and people. Greece has importance influence in the Mediterranean and China is ready to work with relevant parties including Greece to play a positive role for safeguarding regional peace and stability.

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