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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets with President of Beijing Foreign Studies University

On September 11, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met in the Embassy with President Peng Long of Beijing Foreign Studies University.


Ambassador Zou briefed the guests on the development of China-Greece relations and educational exchanges between the two countries. He said that to cater to the momentum of bilateral cooperation in various areas, it was highly necessary and urgent to cultivate a number of professionals who know the Greek language as well as the history, politics, economy, society, and culture of Greece. He expressed the wish that the Beijing Foreign Studies University could strengthen cooperation with relevant Greek institutes and agencies to implement relevant projects as soon as possible so as to produce tangible results. He said the Chinese Embassy in the Hellenic Republic was ready to offer assistance and help.

President Peng briefed the Ambassador on project development and talent cultivation of his university as well as its exchanges with Greek universities. He said that he would like to give full play to the advantages of his university in foreign language teaching, strengthen cooperation with Greece, and cultivate more professionals to serve China-Greece cooperation.

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