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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Visits the City of Pylos-Nestor

On September 3, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli visited the city of Pylos-Nestor, and met with Mayor Dimitris Kafantaris, and Mr. Theodoros K. Charamaras, President of the City Council. Ambassador Zou also visited the exhibition of underwater archaeological relics within the Pylos Castle.

Zou pointed out that as an important port city on the Western coast of Peloponnese Peninsula, the city of Pylos-Nestor enjoys unique advantage in maritime economy, sea tourism, maritime culture, and underwater archaeology. He expressed the hope that Pylos-Nestor strengthen contact with provinces and cities in China to expand mutually beneficial maritime cooperation in this year of China-Greece Maritime Cooperation. Both Mayor Pylos-Nestor and President Theodoros welcomed cooperation from China. They expressed the willingness to strengthen exchanges with China in various areas for which the city government and city council would offer convenience and support.

The city of Pylos-Nestor is located to the Southwest of Athens and is an important port city on the Peloponnese Peninsular. It has an area of 554 square kilometers and a permanent population of over 13000. Agriculture, tourism, and trade are the pillars of the local economy.

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