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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Attends Media Reception

On August 31, a media reception was held in the Chinese Embassy. Over 100 participants attended the reception including Ambassador Zou Xiaoli, Mr. Koutras, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Zanis, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense of the Hellenic Republic, Ms. Lamprou, Press Counselor & Head of the Department of Digital Communication of the Secretariat General of Information and Communication, Ms. Liang Manyu, Deputy Editor-in-chief of China Greece Times as well as representatives of major political parties, mainstream media, friendship organizations, and Chinese companies in Greece.

In his keynote speech, Ambassador Zou said that the Chinese Embassy in Greece launched its official website in Greek language today. “It is the result of brilliant wisdom and hard work of my colleagues both of the Embassy in Athens and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. I am very proud of them and would like to pay tribute to them. We will keep improving the website, enrich its content, and provide to our readers more fresh information on China-Greece relations and our cooperation in various areas. I also count on your valuable support and look forward to your ideas and suggestions, ”said the ambassador.


On the same day, China Greece Times, a Chinese language newspaper in Greece, issued its first Greek edition, for which Ambassador Zou offered warm congratulations. “Over the past 10 years, China Greece Timeshas played a unique role in helpingthe Chinese community in Greece learningabout the politics, economy, and society of Greece, reflecting the aspirations and demands of the local Chinese residents, and linking them to their motherland. Being a beautiful name card of the Chinese community groups in Greece, China Greece Timeshas been invited to China several times to share experience with media run by other Chinese communities worldwide. With the launch of its Greek edition, the newspaper will increase its recognition and influence, thus becoming an important platform for the Greek people to know about China, Chinese companies, and Chinese communities in Greece, which will contribute to furthering exchanges and cooperation between our two countries. It is sure to receive attention and be welcomed by Greek people from all walks of life,”said the ambassador.

Ambassador Zou also briefed the guests on the current state of the Chinese economy. He stressed that China has the confidence to maintain steady and relatively fast growth of the economy and keep the RMB exchange rate basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level. China will continue to adapt to the “new normal” of the economy through market-oriented reforms, maintain financial stability, expand import and external investment, and make bigger contribution to world economic growth.

In her speech, Ms. Liang Manyu, deputy editor-in-chief of China Greece Times, briefed the guests on the basic information of her newspaper. She said that her team would work in concerted efforts to make the Greek edition a success so that it will become a window to introduce the real China and the latest in bilateral relations, and to reflect the aspirations of Chinese communities and companies in Greece.

On behalf of Foreign Minister Molyviadis, Mr. Koutras, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, congratulated on the launching of the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Greek and the Greek edition of China Greece Times, thinking that they would help more Greek people know about China, Chinese communities living in Greece and Chinese companies. He spoke highly of the relentless efforts of the Chinese Embassy in Greece to promote friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

In her speech, Ms. Lamprou, Press Counselor & Head of the Department of Digital Communication of the Secretariat General of Information and Communication, pointed out that her agency, as one directly serving media and press cooperation between the two countries, had organized many large-scale events, which promoted mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries. She hoped that her agency will continue to play a bridging role to promote information exchange and cooperation between the two countries.


Other speakers at the reception included Mr. Mao Haohui, Huawei CEO Greece and vice-president of the Association of Chinese Companies in Greece, Mr. Provatas, president of Greece-China Economic Council, and Dr. Tzogopoulos, founder of ChinaandGreece.com. They shared the view that Greece-China relations have never been so close and that the two countries have never needed to understand each other more. They thought the launching of the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Greek language and the issuing of the Greek Edition of China Greece Times was very timely. They wished the very best for the two platforms to provide stronger support for practical cooperation between the two countries.

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