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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Spoke Highly of Goodwill of Chinese Community Groups and Chinese Companies in Greece

In recent months large numbers of refugees from the Middle East have been entering Greece. The Greek government and people are trying with tremendous efforts to properly settle them, but the pressure is still mounting. Last week, Chinese businessmen in Thessaloniki donated 3000 shirts, 500 pairs of shoes, and food to the UNHCR through its office in Greece. On August 31, the nine Chinese community groups in Athens and Chinese companies including Cosco, Huawei, and ZTE donated to the Greek government 200,000 Euros worth of clothing, shoes, hats, tents, personal hygiene products, bedding, food, cell phones, videophones, telecommunication devices, and fingerprint-recognition systems to help solve difficulties related to the settlement of refugees.

On the same day, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli spoke highly of the magnanimous act of Chinese community groups and Chinese companies in Greece at the media reception held at the Chinese Embassy in the Hellenic Republic. Ambassador Zou said that their fast mobilization reflects the spirit of international humanitarianism and the strong relationship between our two countries. The Chinese government, people, and overseas Chinese in Greece will never forget the valuable support we got from the Greek side during our times of difficulties. Greece is an important bridge in the economic and cultural exchanges between China and Europe. The stability and prosperity of Greece is of great significance for China, China-EU relations as well as peace and development in the region.

On behalf of the Chinese community groups and Chinese companies in Greece, Ambassador Zou conveyed to Mr. Koutras, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic, the list of donation. On behalf of Foreign Minister Molyviadis, Mr. Koutras expressed sincere gratitude and regards for the generous act of Chinese communities and companies in Greece, pointing out that it was the vivid expression of the friendship and comprehensive strategic partnership between Greece and China.

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