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Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets with Sailing Team "Following the Maritime Silk Road 2015"

On August 31, Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met with the sailing team “Following the Maritime Silk Road 2015” led by Mr. Zhai Muo.

Ambassador Zou welcomed the arrival of the sailing team in Greece, saying that Greece has profound maritime civilization and has always been a shipping power and that China and Greece enjoy wide prospects for maritime cooperation. He pointed out that this year marked China-Greece Maritime Cooperation Year, in which maritime cultural exchanges were an important part. He pointed out that the arrival of the sailing team had enriched the activities of the cooperation year, which helped increase the understanding of the Greek people about the Maritime Silk Road, expand exchanges and cooperation in maritime culture, and facilitate the development of friendly relations between the two countries.


On behalf of his sailing team, Mr. Zhai Muo thanked the ambassador for the meeting. He said he would use every opportunity to give publicity to the maritime culture of China and make more contribution to exchanges and cooperation between China and countries along the Maritime Silk Road.

Prior to the meeting, the Greek Sailing Club held a welcome ceremony for Mr. Zhai’s sailing team on August 28, which was attended by officials of the Hellenic Secretariat General for Information and Communication, representatives of the sailing community of Greece, and Mr. Xiao Yewen, political counselor of the Chinese Embassy. A photo exhibition featuring the China-Greece Maritime Cooperation Year was also held at the welcome ceremony.

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