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Remarks by Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli at the signing ceremony of ZTE-COSCO PCT cooperation

Your Excellency Prime Minister Samaras,

Honorable Ministers of the Greek Government,

Captain Fu from COSCO,

Vice President Mr. Zhou Jianfeng from ZTE,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s truly a pleasure to be here with you at COSCO PCT for the launching of ZTE Logistic Center, which is an important step forward in the strategic partnership between ZTE and COSCO, and in the history of Piraeus Port as well. So, my warm congratulations to the signing parties and the local community and authorities! Special thanks go to Prime Minister Samaras and his Government for the strong support to this project!

I remember the first time I came to Piraeus Port in 2010, ships were seldom seen fully loaded with containers on the sea, due to the global financial crisis. I had not expected to be back in less than four years as new Chinese ambassador to Greece, and find a scenario completely different which enables us not only to be proud of our achievements, but also to look forward to a broader prospect of cooperation between China and Greece.

Convinced that the great event we are witnessing will attract new investors and contribute to increase local jobs, I sincerely hope that, under the auspices of the great spirit of friendship and cooperation between China and Greece, the ZTE Logistic Center, the COSCO PCT, the Huawei Logistic Center, and other children of Piraeus Port will grow up strong so as to bring prosperity to the big family of Piraeus Port.

Greece is known for its splendid historical and cultural heritages as well as advantageous geographical location. It is also distinguished by rich expertise, skilled workforces and well-adopted facilities for shipping and ship-building, pharmaceutical industry, organic agriculture, tourism and environment protection. Greek economy and Chinese economy are highly complementary and two sides can achieve common development by further enhancing exchange and cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win result.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Social acceptance is of fundamental importance for a sustainable development of Sino-Greek strategic partnership. Thus we should promote more people to people exchange and cooperation in cultural and educational fields, parallel to the political and economic ties. As Chinese ambassador to Greece, I have a number of dreams. I dream that, in the near future, COSCO, ZTE, Huawei and other Chinese companies will be able to expand their investment on large scale in Piraeus Port and its surrounding areas. I dream that a Chinese Culture Center will be established soon in Athens. I dream that Greek universities and academic institutes will be more open and easily accessible to Chinese students and scholars. I dream that hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists will come in Greece annually. I dream that archaeologists from our two countries will jointly explore and restore underground and underwater art treasures. I dream that flights will go direct between big cities in China and Greece. I believe these are also dreams shared by our two peoples. So, let’s join hands and push these dreams to set sail from Piraeus Port.

I would like to conclude by quoting a famous Greek song “The Children of Piraeus Port”: How I wanted to have one, and two and three, and four children who, when they grow up, will become fine young men for the joy of Piraeus. However I searched, I haven’t found another harbor, to make me crazy, as Piraeus.

Thank you!

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