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Vice Premier Li Keqiang Holds Talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban

On May 1, 2012, visiting Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang held talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the parliament building in Budapest.

Upon his arrival at the parliament building, Li was greeted at the door by Prime Minister Orban and other senior officials from the Hungarian government. Later, Li attended a welcome ceremony held by the Hungarian side in the Central Hall. Li first conveyed the cordial greetings and good wishes from Premier Wen Jiabao to Orban. Li said that based on mutual respect, equal cooperation and mutual benefit, the Sino-Hungarian relations have made great headway since the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1949 and have been developing fast in recent years. Both sides advocate building a multi-polar world and democracy of international relations and respect each other's road of development. The Chinese vice premier spoke highly of remarkable achievements of bilateral economic and trade cooperation and the increasing people-to-people exchanges and nongovernmental contacts between the two countries. Hungary remains home to the largest number of overseas Chinese in Central and Eastern Europe. The high-level exchanges and pragmatic cooperation in all fields between China and Hungary will vigorously boost mutual understanding and friendship between peoples of the two countries, Li said.

Li said that China regards Hungary as an important partner in Central and Eastern Europe, and is willing to make joint effort with the country to promote their friendly and cooperative partnership in an all-round way. To strengthen existing good relations between the two countries, Li made a five-point proposal. First, both sides should take the opportunity of China's opening up to the West including Central and Eastern Europe and Hungary's opening up to the East and deepen bilateral cooperation on the basis of the two countries' common ground in development strategies. Second, China and Hungary should expand bilateral economic and trade cooperation, which has served as a cornerstone of their cooperation. China welcomes Hungary to export more marketable products to China and encourages more competent Chinese enterprises to invest in Hungary and conduct cooperation on agriculture, infrastructure, resource processing and other areas with complementary strengths. Third, the two countries should step up financial cooperation to support bilateral economic and trade cooperation. China would like to see a prosperous Europe and will continue to support Hungary's efforts to overcome the influence of the European debt crisis. Fourth, efforts should be made to boost exchanges between the two countries in the fields of education, culture and tourism, in order to strengthen the foundation for friendship between peoples of the two countries. Fifth, China and Hungary should exchange their experience in carrying out reforms and governing the country and learn from each other.

Orban expressed warm welcome to Li's visit. Speaking highly of great achievements China has made, Orban said that Hungary-China relations based on mutual respect have achieved new development in recent years and the Hungary-China relationship is in its best period. Hungary will continue to adopt its strategy of opening up to the East, further tap the potential in bilateral economic and trade cooperation and advance cooperation in key projects. Hungary appreciates China's support for its efforts to address the European debt crisis, and hopes to deepen the financial cooperation with China, Orban said. Hungary will remain committed to expanding humanities exchanges with China to attract more Chinese students and tourists.

After their talks, Li and Orban attended the signing ceremony of seven China-Hungary cooperation agreements on cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises, establishing a center for promoting agricultural science and technology cooperation, building the European logistics center and network maintenance center in Hungary and constructing the Budapest Airport Express Line among others. An investment and trade fair of entrepreneurs was held before the talks.

On the same day, Li also met with the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Hungary and representatives from Chinese-funded institutions, overseas Chinese and Chinese students.

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