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Wang Yi Meets with Chairman of the State Great Hural Miyegombo Enkhbold of Mongolia

On August 23, 2018, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Ulaanbaatar with Chairman of the State Great Hural Miyegombo Enkhbold of Mongolia.

Wang Yi first conveyed greetings from Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) Li Zhanshu to Miyegombo Enkhbold. Wang Yi noted that China has always regarded Mongolia as a good friend and good partner, and stands ready to, together with the Mongolian side, take the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries next year as an opportunity to intensify high-level exchanges, deepen practical cooperation, and strengthen people-to-people and cultural exchanges, in a bid to promote the development of bilateral relations to embark on a fast lane. The Chinese side appreciates the strong support and active participation of the Mongolian side in the Belt and Road Initiative. The joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative has provided new opportunities for, opened up new space for and given new wings to the cooperation between the two countries. The Chinese side is willing to, in accordance with the development goals and people's needs of the Mongolian side, enhance cooperation in various fields including infrastructure construction with the Mongolian side under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, and help the Mongolian side transform resource advantages into development advantages, break the bottleneck of development, and improve people's livelihood. The State Great Hural is elected by the people and represents the people's wishes. It is hoped that the State Great Hural of Mongolia will strive for and contribute to promoting understanding and friendship between the Chinese and Mongolian people and consolidating the public opinion foundation of China-Mongolia cooperation.

Miyegombo Enkhbold asked Wang Yi to convey his warm greetings to Chairman Li Zhanshu. Miyegombo Enkhbold expressed that the Mongolian side is gratified to see that Mongolia-China comprehensive strategic partnership has been increasingly deepened with fruitful results in recent years. Only when both sides have mutual understanding and mutual support for each other on issues concerning respective core interests, can Mongolia-China relations achieve healthy, stable and forward-looking development. The stance of the Mongolian side on firmly upholding the one-China policy will remain unchanged. The Mongolian side has committed to the in-depth integration of the Prairie Road Development initiative and the Belt and Road Initiative, and stands ready to, together with the Chinese side, reinforce cooperation in such fields as infrastructure construction, energy and electricity in the process of the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, and accelerate the implementation of the Planning Outline of the Construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor. The State Great Hural of Mongolia stands ready to further boost exchanges with the NPC of China, and the Mongolian People's Party is willing to enhance exchanges with the Communist Party of China and make contributions to constantly deepening friendship between the two peoples.

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