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Xi sends condolences to UN chief on Annan's death

Chinese President Xi Jinping on August 20 sent a message of condolence to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres over the passing away of former UN chief Kofi Annan last week.

In the message, Xi said he deeply mourned Annan and expressed condolences to his family and the UN.

Annan is an old friend of China, and China-UN cooperation was comprehensively strengthened during his term as the UN chief, Xi said.

Xi commended Annan as a worldwide renowned activist on international issues, who was committed to promoting multilateralism and greater UN influence, and made excellent contributions to the world peace and development.

Annan was an outstanding representative of the African people, cared about Africa and pushed for increasing global awareness of African issues as well as investment in Africa, Xi added.

In a world of increasing uncertainties and instabilities, the multilateralism championed by Annan bears significant relevance and his efforts and contributions will be honored by people of all countries, Xi noted.

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