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Wang Yi: China and Arab States Should Firmly Support Each Other's Core Interests

On July 10, 2018, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi presided over the 8th Ministerial Meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in Beijing. In his speech, Wang Yi said that China and Arab states should take the opportunity of establishing a strategic partnership to enhance political mutual trust and firmly support each other's core interests.

Wang Yi said that China will, as always, be a sincere partner of Arab states with equal treatment. China never interferes in the internal affairs of Arab states, and also opposes anyone interfering in the internal affairs of Arab states with any excuses. China will firmly support the Arab side in defending its legitimate rights and interests and strengthening unity and self-improvement to cope with challenges, and staunchly support Arab states in following the development paths that are in line with their own conditions.

Wang Yi said that so far, China has established strategic partnerships or comprehensive strategic partnerships with 11 Arab states. We are willing to establish or improve the positioning of relations with more countries and support the Arab League in strengthening capacity building. At the same time, China believes that the Arab brothers will also continue to firmly support China's position and proposition on important issues concerning China's core interests and national sentiments, as well as support the Chinese people in achieving the goal of national rejuvenation.

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