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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Attends 2018 "July 1" Theme Activity Day Celebrating the Founding of the CPC Held by the Foreign Ministry and Delivers a Speech

On July 3, 2018, the Foreign Ministry grandly held 2018 "July 1" themed activity day celebrating the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the activity and delivered a speech.

Wang Yi said that the CPC Central Committee held the Central Conference on Work Relating to Foreign Affairs not long ago. The most important outcome of the conference is to put forward and establish the guiding position of Xi Jinping's thought on diplomacy. The diplomatic front should take the learning and understanding of Xi Jinping's thought on diplomacy as the current principal political task, utilize the thought to fully arm our minds and guide practice, in a bid to promote the major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in the new era for constant new achievements. The diplomatic front in the new era should stay true to the original aspiration, and hold on to the mission. The diplomatic front in the new era should enhance the CPC's leadership in diplomacy, be firm in ideals and convictions, motivate diplomatic personnel to shoulder responsibilities and take actions, and provide young comrades with a broad stage for practice and opportunities of full exercise, in a bid to carry on the diplomacy cause of the CPC from generation to generation.

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