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Wang Yi: China and Turkey to Carry Out Cooperation in Safeguarding the Strategic Stability

On June 15, 2018, when jointly meeting the press with visiting Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu of Turkey in Beijing, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that facing the current regional and international situation which is full of uncertainties, China and Turkey could mainly carry out cooperation in safeguarding the strategic stability.

Wang Yi said that both sides should comprehensively implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, and consolidate political mutual trust, so as to promote bilateral strategic cooperative relations for sustained and in-depth development. Against the current regional and international situation, both sides could mainly carry out cooperation in safeguarding the strategic stability.

The first is to support each other in safeguarding the national stability and security. Turkey is going to hold its general election soon. China does not interfere in Turkey's internal affairs. The Chinese side respects the Turkish people's choice, and supports Turkey in maintaining national unity and stability, as well as in pursuing progress along the development path independently chosen by the Turkish side. China appreciates the Turkish side for reiterating that it will not allow any event that could undermine China's security in Turkey's territory.

The second is to safeguard the stable development of emerging economies. China will, together with all the emerging economies, jointly safeguard economic and financial stability to promote the prosperity and development of world economy. As for the specific measures to support the Turkish side, the Chinese side is willing to, together with Turkey, integrate the Belt and Road and the Middle Corridor Initiative, make innovation in cooperation thoughts and methods, and mainly advance cooperation in such fields as nuclear power, communication, finance and e-commerce, in a bid to constantly elevate the level and quality of bilateral cooperation.

The third is to jointly maintain the stability of the regional situation. The current situation in the Middle East is at a critical and sensitive stage with the profound evolution of the Iranian nuclear issue, the Syrian issue and the Palestinian issue. China has always been a constructive force in maintaining the regional peace and stability, and stands ready to strengthen communication and coordination with Turkey, jointly maintain the stability of multilateral agreements, stick to the political settlement of hotspot issues, and enhance international counter-terrorism cooperation, so as to safeguard the regional peace and stability.

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