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Wang Yi Talks About Current Korean Peninsula Situation: All Parties Should Meet Each Other Halfway Instead of Running in the Opposite Direction

On May 16, 2018 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was paying an official visit to France, talked to journalists about his views on the current Korean Peninsula situation at inquiry in Paris.

Wang Yi expressed that the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue has a long history and is highly complicated. All parties should meet each other halfway instead of running in the opposite direction in order to resolve the issue. When one party shows flexibility, we should particularly prevent the other party from taking a more intransigent attitude. There have been lessons in this regard in history. China is unwilling to see recurrence of such phenomenon. What I want to emphasize is that the current relaxation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula indeed has not come easily, that the active measures the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has taken in this regard are worthy of full affirmation, and that all other parties, particularly the United States, should cherish the current opportunity for peace. All should be facilitators rather than interrupters of peace.

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