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Wang Yi Talks About Joint Construction of the "Belt and Road": To Pave a New Path for Various Countries to Achieve Common Development and Prosperity

On May 16, 2018 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian of France jointly met the press after their talks in Paris.

Wang Yi said that the "Belt and Road" initiative originates from China, but the opportunities and outcomes belong to the world. Since the proposal of the "Belt and Road" initiative five years ago, the total volume of trade between China and the countries along the route has exceeded 4 trillion US dollars, and China's cumulative investment in these countries has surpassed 60 billion US dollars. Direct flights have been launched between China and 43 countries along the route. China-Europe freight trains have made over 7,500 trips. 75 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones have been established, creating over 200,000 jobs for local areas. The facts have proved that the "Belt and Road" initiative complies with the needs of the times of globalization, bringing tangible well-being to people of various countries along the route. In particular, under the current international situation which is filled with uncertain factors, the "Belt and Road" has paved a new path for various countries to achieve common development and prosperity, showing strong vitality and broad prospects.

We know that some European friends have doubts about the "Belt and Road", and what I would like to stress here is that the "Belt and Road" is a transparent project that sticks to extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits and upholds openness, transparency and inclusiveness. We certainly pursue high quality and high standard, and also abide by international rules and market-based operation. Meanwhile, we attach importance to debt sustainability and green environmental protection. President Xi Jinping has stressed that the "Belt and Road" is not only a road of peace and development, but also an open and green one. Of course, there are many participants in the "Belt and Road". Various countries are in different development stages and have different cooperation needs, and therefore it is necessary to care for each participant's practical needs while promoting the "Belt and Road". China and France could, on the basis of equal consultation, jointly participate in the "Belt and Road" construction, especially in expanding the third-party market cooperation, so as to better achieve advantage complementarities and open up broader space for cooperation.

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