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Xi Jinping Meets with BFA Chairman Ban Ki-moon

On May 15, 2018, President Xi Jinping met at the Great Hall of the People with Chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Ban Ki-moon.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the BFA, established at the beginning of this century, reflects the initial aspiration of Asian nations to pursue strength through unity, jointly meet challenges and increase the influence of Asia. The mission and purpose of the BFA are to promote economic integration in Asia, and boost exchanges and cooperation between countries in the region and various countries in the world, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. The establishment and development of the BFA coincide with China’s reform and opening up process. It is hoped that the BFA could keep pace with the times, focus on Asia and emerging market economies, pay attention to major practical issues of the world development, provide new ideas, new thinking and new methods for solving development problems, improving economic governance and realizing sustainable development, and play an active role in promoting the common development and prosperity of China and the world. As the host country, China will support the work of the Board of Directors of the BFA as always, and back the BFA to continue increasing its influence.

Xi Jinping stressed that at present, as international unstable and uncertain factors are increasing and new problems and challenges are emerging one after another, all Asian countries and the international community need to make right choices between opening up and isolation, innovation and conservatism, as well as between win-win results and zero-sum games. I have made it clear to everyone at the BFA Annual Conference 2018 that economic globalization is an irreversible trend of the times, and the future and destiny of all countries in the world have never been as closely linked as they are today. Facing the problems in economic globalization, conformism will not be a solution while the way out is multilateral coordination.

Xi Jinping noted that the door of China’s opening up will not be closed but will only become wider and wider. We will adapt to opening up and score development in an open environment. China will firmly support multilateralism, safeguard multilateral trade system, build an open world economy, and commit to promoting economic globalization to develop towards a more open, inclusive, universally beneficial, balanced, and win-win direction. I have announced a new round of initiatives for China’s independent expansion of opening up at the BFA Annual Conference this year, which will be implemented as soon as possible to bring greater development opportunities to Asia and the world.

Ban Ki-moon thanked the Chinese government for its strong support for the BFA. He said that under the current situation, the BFA should send out clear messages supporting globalization and free trade, and make full use of the “Belt and Road” initiative of China to promote Asia to maintain opening up and innovation and achieve better development. In the long run, the BFA should go beyond Asia on the basis of Asia and become an important platform for boosting the harmonious coexistence of the people of the world, in a bid to make efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi and others attended the meeting.

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