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Li Keqiang Meets with King Tupou VI of Tonga

On the afternoon of March 1, 2018, Premier Li Keqiang met at the Great Hall of the People with King Tupou VI of Tonga, who was in China for a state visit.

Li Keqiang expressed that Tonga is a good friend and partner of China in the region of the Pacific Island countries. President Xi Jinping and Your Majesty held fruitful talks, vigorously promoting the development of bilateral relations. China appreciates Tonga's firm adherence to the one-China policy, and stands ready to take the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Tonga as an opportunity to consolidate political mutual trust, better integrate the "Belt and Road" initiative with Tonga's development strategies, expand practical cooperation in various fields and enhance people-to-people and cultural exchanges, so as to constantly elevate bilateral relations to new highs. China supports Tonga in the construction of major production projects, infrastructure and projects related to people's livelihood. China is ready to carry out exchanges on agricultural technology with Tonga, and also welcomes Tonga's high-quality agricultural and fishery products to enter the Chinese market.

Li Keqiang extended his condolences over the severe cyclone disaster in Tonga not long ago, believed that the Tongan people can overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes, and reaffirmed that China is willing to provide assistance within its capability.

King Tupou VI expressed that although Tonga and China are far away from each other, yet bilateral relations enjoy sustained, stable and sound development since the establishment of diplomatic relations 20 years ago. Tonga unswervingly adheres to the one-China policy and stands ready to continuously deepen political mutual trust between the two sides, expand economic and trade cooperation as well as people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and strengthen cooperation in such fields as education, infrastructure, agriculture and food, in a bid to better realize mutual benefit and win-win results.

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