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Wang Yi Talks about China-Thailand Railway Construction

On July 24, 2017 local time, when jointly meeting the press with Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai of Thailand in Bangkok, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that China-Thailand Railway is a major project of China-Thailand mutually beneficial cooperation, and one of the major connectivity projects between the two countries under the “Belt and Road” framework.

Wang Yi said that China-Thailand Railway construction is not only conducive to boosting the prosperity and development of the industries in the regions along the railway in Thailand, but also achieves breakthroughs in the Pan-Asian railway network. The project will lay the foundation for Thailand to be the hub for regional connectivity as well as an important economic center of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. No matter judging from a domestic or regional perspective, the project will benefit Thailand in the long run and meet the vital interests of the Thai people.

As a Chinese proverb goes "Good things never come easy", it is inevitable to encounter some difficulties in pushing forward the project. Not long ago, with the personal promotion of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha of Thailand, the technical bottleneck has been broken through and major progress has been made in the project negotiation. The two sides have worked out a roadmap for cooperation including the launching time. It is expected the launch could be achieved as scheduled. As the old saying goes "teaching one how to fish rather than giving him a fish ", China is willing to share high-speed railway technology with Thailand during the process of construction, and help the Thai side train technicians and management personnel, so as to truly enable high-speed railways to take root and yield fruits in Thailand.

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