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Xi Jinping Meets with SPD Chairman Martin Schulz of Germany

On July 6, 2017, local time, President Xi Jinping met in Berlin with Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Martin Schulz of Germany.

Xi Jinping pointed out that both China and Germany are important economies across the world as well as major countries with significant international influence. Since the establishment of China-Germany diplomatic relations 45 years ago, China-Germany relations have scored substantial development under joint efforts of people from all walks of life of both countries. Today, the two countries have forged a comprehensive strategic partnership and bilateral practical cooperation has remained at the forefront of China-Europe cooperation as well. My state visit to Germany is fairly successful, during which both sides reached much new consensus and concrete outcomes, mapping out new development path for deeply advancing China-Germany all-round strategic partnership. Always regarding and developing its relations with Germany from a strategic and long-term perspective, the Chinese side is willing to make joint efforts with Germany to constantly elevate China-Germany relations to new highs.

Speaking highly of the positive contributions the SPD made to the development of China-Germany relations, Xi Jinping noted that party-to-party exchanges play a unique and important role in the development of bilateral relations. The Communist Party of China (CPC) and the SPD have always maintained sound exchanges and cooperation, which further enhances mutual understanding and trust between the two parties and countries. China is willing to beef up dialogue and exchanges with the SPD at all levels, and jointly make positive contributions to deepening China-Germany friendship and cooperation.

Martin Schulz expressed that Germany values China’s role in current international affairs. The SPD has been committed to developing its relations with the CPC and pushing forward Germany-China friendly cooperation for decades. Under the new situation, the SPD stands ready to reinforce exchanges with the CPC, so as to make contributions to boosting Germany-China relations.

Yang Jiechi and others were present.

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