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Xi Jinping Meets with Mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz

On July 6, 2017, local time, President Xi Jinping met with Mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz in Hamburg.

Xi Jinping stressed that as an important port city in Germany, Hamburg has a time-honored relationship with China. It is one of the earliest European cities to start cooperation with China, and it is today an important bridgehead in China-Germany and China-EU cooperation. Hamburg has become one of the cities with the most Chinese-funded enterprises in Germany and even in Europe. The city enjoys the unique geographical advantage in promoting connectivity between Asia and Europe and participating in the “Belt and Road” construction. It is not only an important port linking the China-EU Maritime Silk Road, but also becomes an important terminal for China-EU freight trains. China appreciates Mr. Mayor’s remark on many occasions that Hamburg always opens its door to Chinese enterprises. Welcoming Hamburg to participate in the “Belt and Road” construction, China is willing to strengthen practical cooperation with Hamburg in all fields and inject new driving forces into the in-depth development of bilateral relations.

Xi Jinping noted that Germany, especially Hamburg, made meticulous preparations for the G20 Summit. China supports Germany in successfully holding the Hamburg Summit so as to achieve more positive results on the basis of last year’s Hangzhou Summit and imprint the world economic governance with a “Hamburg mark”.

Olaf Scholz welcomed president Xi Jinping’s visit to Germany and his attendance at the G20 Summit in Hamburg. As an open port city, Hamburg has an outstanding position in Germany-China and EU-China trade. Many Chinese-funded enterprises have settled in Hamburg and many EU-China trade deals are completed by way of Hamburg. Hamburg supports the “Belt and Road” initiative, and is willing to actively participate in relevant cooperation and believes that the connectivity construction will build a brighter world. Hamburg is ready to work closely with China in various fields and play an active role in strengthening Germany-China and EU-China relations.

Yang Jiechi and others attended the meeting.

On the morning of July 6 local time, Xi Jinping left Berlin by special plane and arrived in Hamburg to attend the 12th G20 Summit. Xi Jinping received warm welcome from Mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz. Wang Yang, Zhou Xiaochuan and others who arrived earlier also greeted President Xi Jinping at the airport.

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