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Design of the escort runner uniform for the Torch Relay

Design of the uniforms for the Torch Relay

The design of the uniforms for the Torch Relay is a vital component of the Torch Relay Image and Look.

As required by the IOC, the elements of the uniforms must include the Olympic Rings, the emblem of the Beijing Olympic Games, the logo of the Torch Relay, the core graphic and color system of the Torch Relay, and the composite logo of the Torch Relay partners. White should be the base color of the torchbearer uniforms and no commercial symbols are to be included.

The uniforms adopt a phoenix pattern and Chinese red as their main elements and "harmony" as their design concept. The focus lies in the integrity of the Olympic characteristics and traditional Chinese culture.

There will be separate uniforms for the torchbearers, escort runners and staff members. Both long and short uniform styles are available to suit the weather conditions during the Torch Relay and religious customs of different countries.

Escort Runner Uniform

The uniform for the escort runners is simple - yet tasteful - with the graphics and style identical to those of the torchbearer uniform. Blue will be the main color of the escort runner uniform to distinguish it from the torchbearer uniform.

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