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Notice on Nucleic Acid Test Certificate Required for Chinese and Foreign Passengers bound for China from Greece

In accordance with The Joint Announcement of the Civil Aviation Administration, the General Administration of Customs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on Requiring China-bound Passengers to COVID-19 Negative Certificates before boarding dated on July 21, 2020, the Chinese Embassy in Greece would like to note that starting from August 31,2020, all passengers taking flights bound for China from Greek airports (including passengers from other countries bound for China by way of Greek airports) are required to take a COVID-19 nucleic acid test within 3 days prior to their departure and only those who test negative will be allowed to board the plane. Foreign passengers are requested to take the following steps:

I.    Take a nucleic acid test at one of the Greek clinics designated by Chinese Embassy. The test should be completed within 3 days prior to departure. Please provide the clinics with your ID documents and agree to let them send your test reports to Chinese Embassy at hsm67b@gmail.com.

II. Download and fill in the Health Declaration Form that can be found on the Embassy's website (http://gr.chineseembassy.org/eng/).

III. Send both the test results and the Health Declaration Form to Chinese Embassy by email at hsm67b@gmail.com. The above document should be sent within 24 hours after getting the negative test results.

IV. Get the stamped Health Declaration Form by email and present it to airline crew before boarding.

Passengers who provide false certificates or information shall bear corresponding legal liabilities. For more information, please contact the Consular Office of Chinese Embassy in Greece.

Address: Alexandrou Papanastasiou 67B, P. Psychico, 15452 Athens

 Tel: 210-6723282(9:00a.m.-12:00 a.m. Monday to Friday), Fax: 210-6718839

Email:krinon2a@gmail.com/hsm67b@gmail.com(for Health Declaration Form)


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