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China's Science and Technology Management System
2004-08-03 16:31

National Steering Group on Science, Technology and Education was found in 1998 with Premier Zhu Rongji being its Group leader. Major terms of reference of the Group are: study and review national development strategy and major policies of science, technology and education; discuss and review significant S&T and education tasks and programs; coordinate important relationships related to science, technology and education between different governmental departments and between central government and local governments.

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), is a central government agency under the State Council and it is responsible for the nation's science and technology activities.

Departments of Science and Technology of various ministries and administrative agencies are responsible for its science and technology activities.

Science and Technology Departments or Bureaus in the local governments are responsible for its science and technology activities.

There are six main R&D resources in China:

Chinese Academy of Sciences

R&D institutions under the various ministries and administrative agencies

Industrial enterprises

Universities and colleges

Local R&D institutions

R&D institutions affiliated to defense

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