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The 9th Session of the Joint S&T Cooperation Committee
2004-08-03 16:30

In accordance with the Agreement on S&T Cooperation signed in Beijing on November 15, 1979 between the Government of the Hellenic Republic and the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the Greek -Chinese Joint Committee held its 9th Session in Athens on the 24th-26th of February, 2003.

The Chinese Delegation was headed by Mr SHI Dinghuan, Secretary General of Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The Greek Delegation was headed by Mr Dimitris Deniozos Secretary General for Research and Technology, Ministry of Development.

Two sides agreed to focus their future scientific and technological cooperation in specific priority areas such as:

- Agriculture with emphasis on applications of new technologies in agriculture and on farm management and farming techniques, as well as Nutrition and food technology and Safety matters.

- Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving

- Information Technologies with emphasis on e-business

- Health Sciences with emphasis on Biology and Biotechnology

- Environment

The Joint Committee stated that, in the period 2000 – 2002 the scientific and technological relations between the two countries have become broader and more intensive.

The 26 projects included in the previous Protocol provided a solid basis for the cooperation. The two sides presented a report concerning the status of the implementation of these 26 projects.

Review of activities and follow-up actions in Renewable Energy and Food and Nutrition

The members of the delegations discussed and evaluated the following Workshops.

a.The workshop on Renewable Energy Sources that took place in Beijing 18-23/6/01 and was combined with the 4th EU-China Cooperation Conference

b.This workshop was followed up by the Technical Visits of Chinese experts, in Greek research centers and laboratories of the University of Athens on 1/4/02-4/4/02

c.The Workshop on Food and Nutrition which took place in Athens on 26-27/11/01

d.That Workshop was followed up by the joint meeting of Greek and Chinese Food experts who visited the College of Food Science and Nutrition, the China Agriculture University, Institutes and Food Manufactory Groups and took place in Beijing on 1/12/02-6/12/02.

Adoption of the working program for S&T Cooperation for the period 2002 – 2005

Both sides agreed to approve a Working Program for 2003 – 2005, covering the following major areas:

Agricultural Research - Food Technology, Environment, Energy - R.E.S, Health - Biology/Biotechnology, Information Technologies.

Following the call for proposals launched on September 2002, 68 proposals were submitted to the Greek side and 72 proposals were submitted to the Chinese side. Of those, 62 proposals were jointly submitted to both sides.

The project proposals submitted to the implementing agencies were reviewed by both sides. Based on their scientific merit and the national priorities, the Joint Committee selected and approved the projects listed in for implementation in the next two years.

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