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National Social Development Research Programme


The National Development Research Programme was formulated in 1995 in order to implement the strategy "Promote the development of the country with science and education" and the strategy of sustainable development. This programme is a programme of activities in the implementation of the Chinese strategy of sustainable development and a national scientific and technological research on social development. The work of scientific and technological research on social development is of scientific and technological activities aimed at promoting the life quality of people and the quality of people themselves, improving the environment for people's survival and development, adjusting the relations between people and the nature, promoting the scientific and technological progress of social undertakings and related industries, and promote the coordination between of economy and society and the sustainable development.

This programme is a rolling programme, mainly a guidance programme in nature, for scientific and technological development and is planned to be implemented in the period form 1996 to 2010


This programme is for the purpose of improving the social environment and supporting conditions for the national economic development, promoting the quality of population and the quality of the people's life, and promoting the coordinated, sustainable development of economy and society .

1. Significantly Raise the Overall Level of Scientific and Technological Work for Social Development and Study and Solve a Batch of Important Scientific and Technological Problems in Social Development of China

In the field of environmental protection, the focus is on clean production with water pollution control and smoke desulfurization; in the field of medicine and public health, the focus is on the study and development of a batch of new medicines conforming to the international standards; in the field of resource utilization, support for ascertaining the reserves of rare and scarce mineral resources; in the field of marine development, the focus is on the protection of the national rights and interests and the development of marine resources ;in the field of hazards prevention , the focus is on short term climatic digital forecast and earthquake forecast ;in the field of social undertakings, the focus is on science and technology based industrial engineering for well off type residence and information technology based modern commercial and trade circulation; and in the field of regional development and research of soft science, the focus is on the pre period study of coordinated development of resources, environment and economy in the central and west China.

2 Energetically Promote Technical Innovation and Integration of Science and Technology with Economy

Extend a large batch of scientific and technological achievements in the field of social development and form a large number of science and technology guided industries, The implementation of this programme should greatly contribute to the promotion of the integrated should greatly contribute to the promotion of the integrated national power and create the necessary material basis for the promotion of quality of the people's livelihood and satisfaction of increasing material and cultural needs of the people.

3.Deepen institutional Reform of Research Institutes Related with Social Development

Establish step by step a research team of small number of members but high quality; establish a batch of research centres of engineering and technologies; and establish several bases of research and development and demonstrative projects.

4.Continue to Develop a Batch of Comprehensive Experimental Zones for Science and Technology Guiding Social Development

The construction of comprehensive experimental zones for social development is an important instrument for promoting the implementation of the China Agenda 21, and the number of the zones will increase by about 60 in the Ninth Five-year Plan period so as to further promote the urban and rural sustainable development.

5.Strengthen Basic Research Work and the Fostering of Leading Scientists to Work into the Next Century

In the field of basic research work, during the Ninth Five-year Plan period, it is important to well understand the conditions of China, establish resource data bases with modern information technologies and instruments for the fields of national land, mineral resources, seas and oceans, hazards, urbanization, etc. and realize data sharing; foster and select a batch of leading scientists to work into the next century and a batch of scientific and technological type entrepreneurs.


During the Ninth Five-year Plan period, the following four aspects will be taken as the key fields of activities:

1.Emphatically Arrange the Scientific and Technological Work in the Fields of Development of Initiative Medicines, Population Control and Health, Residence Construction, Hazards Reduction and Control in Order to Promote the Quality of the People 's Livelihood

The 1035Plan for Initiative Medicine Technologies. Before year 2000, develop ten patented class A initiative medicines and a batch of urgently needed therapeutic medicines, new preparations and new varieties of medicines, make breakthroughs in a batch of key technologies for medicine manufacturing. At the same time, establish five medicine screening centres, five medicine safety evaluation centres (GLP) and five medicine clinical research centres (GCP), form relatively an intact system for new medicine research and development, promote China's capacity of new medicine development and level of intellectual property rights and alleviate the challenge of intellectual property rights and alleviate the big problem of medicine supply for the 1.2billion Chinese people.

Science and technology for population control and health. Develop safety, effective, simple and economical new technologies for birth adjustment to meet the social needs. During the Ninth Five-year, aimed at the change of disease spectrum and new problems crested in the population aging, emphatically develop contraceptive vaccine, new technologies and methods for the control of malignant tumor, cardiovascular diseases, geriatric diseases, etc, and related new type medical apparatus and instruments and medical materials.

Science and technology based industrial engineering of well-off type urban and rural residence. Study standardized design systems and serialized product systems for new type residence buildings, develop the key technologies of structure, energy saving, develop the key technologies of structure, energy saving, environmental quality, etc. in order to improve the functions of residence and applied technologies of new type building materials, develop 50-60 demonstrative residence areas, which have a total floor area of 10 million to 12 million m2, rational functions and high quality, and develop compete sets of serialized residence products with the features of energy and material saving so as to promote the formation and development of China's residence industry.

Key technologies for hazards reduction and control. Emphatically study and develop the vital technologies concerned with the impacts of natural and man-made hazards on agricultural production and the people's life and safety. Study the technologies of short-term climate forecast and earthquake forecast; study the technologies for fire for underground spaces and tall buildings in urban areas where a fire disaster, if it occurs, will be difficult to be extinguished and cause heavy losses.

2.Emphatically Develop the Technologies for Water Resources Development, Water Resources Development, Water Treatment, Smoke Desulphurization, Resource Circulation, Resource Circulation, Reclamation and Comprehensive Use, etc.

Comprehensive technologies and industries to alleviate fresh water crisis. Strengthen the study of utilization and protection of water resources and integrated technologies for the control of water pollution, emphatically develop technologies for clean production of water consuming industries, develop key technologies and equipments for control of waste water pollution of typical industries and desalinization and direct use of sea water, study technologies for optimized allocation of water, study technologies for optimized allocation of water resources and purification of special water bodies, promote industrialization of water saving, waste water control and sea water desalinization.

New technologies of clean coal. Take the control of sulfur dioxide in the smoke from coal burning equipments as the objective and develop several new technologies for the reduction of discharge of discharge of pollutants from coal burning, which are oriented to the 21st century, have wide prospects of application and are fit for the conditions of China, by fully using advanced technical achievements in related fields and combining imported technologies with those self-developed.

Resource circulation, reclamation and comprehensive use. Emphatically develop technologies for high value and comprehensive sue of waste resources such as mining by-products, gangue and fly ash, study and develop technologies for compounding of waste materials and establish information bank for waste material reclamation, and formulate in cooperation with related departments the policies, laws and regulations, management systems and development plans for resource circulation, reclamation and comprehensive use.

3.Emphatically Arrange Scientific and Technological Activities in the Fields of Mineral Exploration, Marine Resources, Development of Western China, etc. around the Central Task of Providing Resources for the Sustainable Development of China

Technologies for exploration, assessment and localization of metal minerals. Use new scientific ideas and new /high technologies to comprehensively abstract geological-geophysical-geochemical information on deep concealed mineral deposits, study and develop high resolution ratio, large concentration mineral prospecting technologies, develop technological series including rapid, highly effective assessment technologies for regional resources prospect, localization technologies for small mineral prospecting target areas, localization technologies for deep concealed mineral deposits and exploration and assessment technologies for copper rich metal and precious metal mineral deposits in large coverage areas, strengthen the industrialization of new technologies for metal mineral deposits, so as to promote the general level of exploration and assessment technologies and mineral prospecting efficiency in China.

Marine high technologies and new and developing industries. Implement the programmes for the field of marine high technologies, emphatically promote the development of technologies for the national marine land and rights /benefits, exploration and development technologies of marine oil and gas and technologies of marine biology, emphatically arrange chemo-development of sea water resources arrange chemo-development of sea water resources and environment and development of key technologies for marine culture, foster a batch of enterprises integrating science and development of new and developing marine industries.

Key technologies for the sustainable development of the western regions and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In order to support the strategy to shift westward the national focus of economic construction, emphatically study the laws of economic construction, emphatically study the laws of economic construction, emphatically study the laws of mineral formation, rapid assessment technologies and technologies of comprehensive development for the mineral resources in Xinjiang so as to rapidly ascertain the mineral resources, in particular the scarce copper and gold resources, etc., study the technologies for the rational allocation and high efficiency utilization of water resources in the northwestern arid and semi-arid regions and complete sets of technologies for the development of resources and harnessing of environment in the eco-environmentally fragile areas of the Qignhai-Tibet Plateau, probe into the relationships between resources development, environmental harnessing and economic development, environmental harnessing and economic development so as to provide technical support for the sustainable development of the western areas and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

4. Strengthen the Basic Work in the Field of Science and Technology for Social Development

Study of performance of global environmental pacts and international pacts and establishment of databases. Emphatically study the performance of laws, standards and the state economic and technical countermeasures concerned with the performance of the international framework pact for climatic change and the international pacts for protection of biological diversity; and establish data bases including biological species and communities, ecological systems, etc. based on the work in various sectors.

Establishment of geoscience data sharing systems. In view of the conditions of China, study the standards and codes for geoscience data, develop the geoscience data common sharing supporting system so as to create conditions for the further development of China's geoscience.

Study and development of applied technologies for remote sensing system, geographical information system and global localization system (3S). The 3 S technologies can provide powerful information and technical support for the science and technologies of social development. Emphatically arrange applied studies for the application of the 3S technologies to the fields of resources and environmental monitoring, national land harnessing and regional development, hazards prevention and reduction and marine national and rights benefits, etc., and promote the industrialization of the implementation of the China Agenda21.


1. Give Full Play to and Further Trans form Governmental Functions

(1) For the social public good and welfare facilities or services dominated by social benefits, mainly rely on governmental support, continuously improve the social organization and management; for the social facilities or services with economic benefits or potential of economic benefits, take science and technology as the guidance, promote the industries of science and technology to develop and get onto the track of self-accumulation and self-development.

(2) Strengthen policy and information guidance. Shift from simply initiating projects to providing typical demonstration; and shift from emphasizing administrative and directive instruments to mainly providing service and policy guidance. Pay attention to the construction of corresponding management information system and periodically issue the guidelines for science and technology and formulate rolling plans of projects.

(3) Strengthen the coordination and cooperation between different departments and sectors to form a plan management system involving the levels of the state, departments, localities and enterprises, with mutual contact between levels and each with particular emphasis so as to better manage scientific and technological resources and solve vital problems in the social development.

2. Create Sound Environment for Technical Innovation and Promote the Transformation of Scientific and Promote the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

(1) Strengthen links in the whole process of technical innovation, strengthen interim experiment and technical transfer and construct a batch of comprehensive demonstrative pilot projects and product and industrial bases for the science and technology of social development.

(2) Take the whole process of key projects as the core and establish dynamic scientific and technological information and project banks.

(3) Establish several networks of technical innovation of small core but wide overage. Promote the optimized combination of the three elements of research institute, enterprise and investment to meet the needs of market through implementing major projects.

3. Give Full Play to the Potential Superiority of Large and Medium Enterprises and Military Enterprises and Make Use of the Flexible Mechanism of Township Enterprises to Accelerate the Development of Related Enterprises of Social Development

4. Establish the Fund Raising and Investment Mechanism of Multiple Approaches and Multiple Levels while striving for Steadily Increasing Government Funding.

(1) In addition to the state appropriations already included in other planned channels, the state will provide a small amount of fund annually to be combined with planned loans, counterpart funds provided by departments or localities, self-raised funds of implementing agencies and international financial assistance, and to be used in a rolling manner to support the scientific and technological activities in some fields of social development.

(2) Strengthen the combination of science and technology with banking agencies, and establish working groups with representatives from banding agencies for important projects.

(3) Create conditions and start with funds raising for projects in order to establish the science and technology foundation at a proper time for sustainable development.

(4) Vigorously strive for the financial support from international banking organizations, related international organizations and the governments and organizations of related countries.

5. Vigorously Conduct Training through Multiple Approaches

(1) Adopt effective measures to attract excellent talents to participate in the implementation of vital projects and the establishment of scientific and technological industries.

(2) Make full use of existing education systems and public media, establish a batch of training centres in multiple forms to continuously carry out education and training and strengthen capacity building in combination with the implementation of China Agenda 21 and other important scientific and technological activities.

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