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Chinese Culture and Art

Cultural Undertakings developed rapidly. At the end of 2000, China had 2,622 art ensembles, 2.911 cultural centers, 2.769 public libraries and 1,373 museums. There were 732 medium and short wave broadcast transmitting and relay stations throughout China, with radio broadcast programs covering 92.1 percent of the nation’s total population. The country’s 1,313 television transmitting and relay stations, each with a capacity of over1,000 watts offered TV programs to 93.4 percent of the population. The cable TV subscribers nationwide numbered 79/2 million. The year 2000 saw the publishing of 20//3 billion copies of national and provincial newspapers, 2.85 billion copies of magazines and 6/35 billion volumes of books. There were 3,816 archives in China at the end of the year and 44.3 million files were open to the public.
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